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Yacht Charter

Charter a Yacht

The ultimate expression of freedom

You and your friends are enjoying the warm waters of Sardinia. The sun and the waves feel fantastic, but after a while you and your friends or family decide to sail through the beautiful Amalfi coast. Why not? When you sail with a yacht, you are the personification of freedom and luxury: you are sealing the waters with a luxurious home! Whether you want to make day trips through the Mediterranean Coast with a motor yacht or explore the world with a sailing yacht, if water is your element, we find the right ship for you.

How to Charter a Yacht.

Step by step

1. Where do you want to sail?

Our Yacht offer is worldwide. Once we know where in the world you would like to sail we can offer you the best yacht of that location.

2. How many passengers?

In order to guarantee individual living space and privacy, we need to know how many individuals would be in your luxurious house on the waters.

3. How long do you plan to sail?

Let us know your planned sailing period and we check the yacht’s availability.

4. Choose your yacht

Are you thinking of chartering a motor yacht or a sailboat?
If you’re not sure which ship is the best for your trip, our yachting team is prepared to guide you. With a yachting expertise vast as the ocean, our yacht experts are happy to provide you with professional guidance for your yachting decision.

5. Yacht offers

Once we gathered all the above information, we send you some good offers of the yachts that fulfill all your wishes.

6. You charter your Yacht.

Once you take the yacht offer that best suits your needs, you’re all set up! You’ve chartered a yacht. Your luxurious house over the waters awaits you.
Interested in chartering a yacht?
Contact us via our form or by phone.