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We started this journey more than two decades ago with the clear goal of delivering exclusive travel experiences to our target audience.

Thus, we built and nurtured strong relationships with clients and partners alike. These relationships are based on trust and treating each customer as a valuable individual listening to their needs and meeting their expectations which is the driving force of our success.

We have been cruising at a smooth pace thanks to our sound business model with no financial obligations as none of our aircraft are financed. This freedom helps us to focus our energy and resources on providing you with exclusive quality service in all areas: private jet charter, aircraft purchase, and customized travel management solutions.

Our exclusive fleet is at your disposal. Regardless of whether you have a business trip, or if you plan your vacation. We fulfil all your jet charter and travel desires at every point of your journey. Our exclusive members' concierge service offers a comprehensive package. 
We love when our members express how this exclusive service has changed their flying private experience.

Our customers asked for a wider selection of destinations. Thus, in February 2014 we founded AI Services. Since then, we have been offering our exclusive customers a wider range of top-notch jets, luxury yacht charter and more luxury destinations around the world.

The sky has no limit for us.

We set higher standards to provide jet owners and customers with outstanding travel experiences.
Our team of highly qualified and customer-oriented professionals is delighted to welcome you on the ground and exceed your expectations in the air.


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