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Business Jets

Make business travel easier and more of a lifestyle. 
With Air Independence private jets, our customers can stay productive while enjoying to fly in comfort and luxury to the other side of the world.
Air Independence

Customized Services

Take off in full comfort, land in luxury.

Charter flights offer you freedom without limits: The airline of your choice, reaching your destination in a private comfortable atmosphere, avoiding stopovers, and choosing exclusive locations not reachable by scheduled flights.
Charter flights are ideal for large groups as they can cost less than business and first-class flight tickets on regular airlines. Another advantage is that you can always combine your flight with a VIP concierge and helicopter service to make your travel a unique experience.
AI Services

Travel Management

We are your dedicated team for all matters of luxury travel: From organizing your chosen private jet, finding your accommodation that suits your wishes, chartering yachts, managing the transfers to your destination and ensuring travel and COVID test requirements are met. We deliver you excellence at every step of organizing your whole travel experience.
You only need to do one thing: Enjoy peace of mind of not having to look after any details… ever.
AI Travel Management

The Air Independence Group

Aviation Expertise since 1999

We are the Air Independence Group, a German holding company. Our group consists of two companies: Air Independence founded in 1998 and AI Services in 2014.
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